Tropical Molt

The principle is "the dream", a painting by rosseaux where a woman frees her wild soul by waking up in a tropical forest listening to the melody of a flute. A snake as a guide, discovers parts of itself that are dark, animalistic and inhibited. The shapes of the structures refer to picasso's broken and asymmetrical paintings. The cattleya orchid inspired all the colors of the collection, from bags to shoes.The heels of the shoes are reminiscent of the characteristic traits of zaha hadid's architectural design. The fabrics are a contrast between sheen and opacity inspired by the snake's moult, the change between old and new skin. She who, like the snake, adapts to every surface, regenerates and takes on a new skin.My dad, an air force soldier is forced to move from northern italy to his homeland to see his girlfriend, my mom, a student and ballet dancer. With this collection i wanted to combine the two worlds in clothing: the military and the world of ballet, the male with the female and transported in the context of travel.Here past and present flow on two parallel tracks and the station instead becomes a significant place, a meeting point for this distant love between two young lovers and a point of departure, change or arrival for me.