Like a mother of pearl

With this collection designed and built by me;
i let myself be inspired by a theme very dear to me: the sea
and in particular from a sentence in a book by alessandro d’avenia "cose che nessuno sa" (things that nobody knows) in which the internal pain becomes the calcifying agent that made us stronger and formed the mother of pearl, or inner beauty.
From this concept i started by recreating with technical fabric the black nets that trap the lively marine world like corals and pearls, becoming an ornament of bags and accessories.
The shapes are inspired by the head of the convex jellyfish and its tentacles. The structures are very rigid but also very fluid like the sea or like jellyfish tentacles that almost look like fringes.
The materials and colors i used are: the unstructured red mop, to represent coral, pearls, the technical fabric for the black net, the leather and plastic of an inflatable ball to represent the colors and transparency of the sea.